Welcome! This website is intended to provide access to the tools that I have discovered or developed in my research and teaching. Many of them are related to the research in rural ministry and rural community development that I have been carrying out since the late 80's. I have also included access to some of my earlier writing and rural church/community presentations. Some historic course syllabi for the courses I teach can be accessed under the “Courses” link on the main menu (above). Current info and resources for the students of those classes is accessible only to enrolled students.

Information about the institutions with which I am affiliated can be reached through the following links: The Lutheran Theological Seminary (at which I am Professor of Systematic Theology and Director of Contextual Education), the Saskatoon Theological Union in which our seminary is a partner, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada for which we train leaders in urban and rural settings, and the Centre for Rural Community Leadership and Ministry ("CiRCLe M") -- a non-profit that supports rural ministry and rural church connections to their community.

My complete Curriculum Vitae may be opened here.